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Ellis County Misdemeanor Defense

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Charged with a misdemeanor? A misdemeanor conviction can land you in jail for up to one year, and could be used against you if you are ever arrested again. If you have been arrested for on a misdemeanor charge, please do not hesitate to call or send us an Email.

Do you need an Ellis County Misdemeanor Lawyer?

Many people view misdemeanors as simple affairs. While this may be true in some cases, it does not apply to Class B and Class A misdemeanors. A misdemeanor conviction could prevent you from obtaining certain employment or being able to rent a place to live. For this reason, if you are arrested for a misdemeanor criminal charge in Ellis County, Texas, it is highly advisable to seek the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

What are the penalties for a misdemeanor charge in Texas?

Penalties for a misdemeanor range from a fine for a traffic level offense up to a year in county jail for misdemeanors that fall just below the felony line. For class B misdemeanors, you face up to 6 months in county jail, plus a fine not to exceed $2,000. With a class A misdemeanor, the jail time exposure increases to up to one year in jail, and a maximum fine of $4,000.

One of the major issues when faced with a misdemeanor are the unforeseen consequences to a conviction. These could include being unable to find employment in certain jobs, loss of immigration status, suspension of your driver's license, and more.

What should you do if I am arrested for a misdemeanor in Ellis County, Texas?

Seek an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A misdemeanor conviction could impact your life in ways you cannot see right now.

With some misdemeanors, and felonies, you may waive rights if you do not act quickly. For example, if you are arrested for a DWI in Texas, you are provided only 15 days to formally request a challenge to the Administrative Law Review suspension of your driver's license. Regardless of whether you are concerned about your driver's license or not, the information provided by contesting this suspension has proven extremely valuable in defending DWI cases, including resulting in the case being dismissed.

How much will it cost to defend my misdemeanor case?

It varies depending on the type of misdemeanor. In almost all cases, we work on a flat fee. This is exactly what the name implies, and this allows you to know exactly what your attorney fees will be up front.

If you would like to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney regarding your misdemeanor arrest, we would encourage you to call or send us a message today.

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