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Ellis County Bond Reduction Lawyer

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Need someone out of jail? If your loved one is still in the Ellis County Jail, because they are unable to make bail then we can help. Often we are able to reduce bonds that not only allow your loved one to bond out of jail, but the savings pay for our services.

Do you need an Ellis County Bond Reduction Lawyer?

If you are unable to make the current bond then you need to consider retaining a criminal defense attorney to file the proper motions and writs to seek a bond reduction.

What is a bond?

In Texas, a bond is an amount of money to be posted, normally by family or friends, to provide security that a person charged with a crime in Ellis County will appear before the court.

How do bonds work in Ellis County, Texas?

After an arrest, a person will normally see a magistrate within 24 hours. At this time, the judge will review the charge(s), and set an amount of money that will ensure that the person show up to court if released from jail. By law, this amount must be "reasonable."

Unfortunately, the magistrate has limited information in setting the bond, and as a result, an "unreasonable bond" may be set. For example, in Ellis County we have seen bonds set for a 1st time DWI as high as $20,000. When this happens there is a strong case to be made by a lawyer that this amount is "unreasonable," and as such the bond should be reduced.

Once the bond is set, it is advisable to have an Ellis County criminal defense lawyer determine if the bond is reasonable. As a general rule, bail set at, or under, $1,000 is normally considered reasonable for charges of Class B and above. If the bond is above this amount then you should contact us for an evaluation of the bond.

Can a bond be reduced in Ellis County, Texas?

Yes! A bond can be brought before a judge for reconsideration of how reasonable the bond amount is given the circumstances of the charge and the individual arrested. We have had great success in having bonds reduced, and we would encourage you to call if you need a bond reduced.

Should you hire a lawyer to request a bond reduction in Ellis County, Texas?

It depends on whether the bond set is "reasonable." To determine if a bond is reasonable it takes an experienced lawyer to evaluate the charge(s) in connection with the person accused of a crime.

We have had a 100% success rate in having bonds reduced, and we would encourage you to contact us prior to paying a bond, Our bond reduction consultation is free, and it could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in bond fees.

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