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Hill County Criminal Defense Lawyer
Charged with a felony and misdemeanor?

Hill County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether it is a first time misdemeanor DWI in Hill County or a felony arrest, we can help. Call us at (972) 923-1899 or send an instant message, if you need a criminal defense lawyer for a Hill County, Texas charge.

Hill County, Texas Felony Defense Attorney

Felony Charges (Hill County, Texas):

If you have been arrested with for felony in Hill County, Texas you need an attorney skilled in criminal defense law. Representing clients with a range of punishments, we can help. Learn More

Hill County Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

Misdemeanor Charges (Hill County, Texas):

Misdemeanor criminal charges run a broad spectrum of crimes, but a conviction can have life long consequences, including the inability to be employed in some cases and/or be denied living in certain areas. Learn More

Hilll County DWI Attorney and DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer

DWI and Alcohol Related Offenses (Hill County):

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) not impacts your ability to drive, but could result in time in the Hill County Jail. Outside of facing time, you are subject to a large fines and having your driver's license suspended. Learn More

Hill County Drug Possession Criminal Defense Lawyer

Drug Possession and Related Offenses (Hill County):

Hill County has made it a point to be tough on crime, especially criminal cases involving drugs. Whether you were arrested for misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana or felony distribution, we can help. Learn More

Hill County, Tx Bond Reduction Attorney

Bond Reductions (Hill County, Tx):

If you have a family member that is unable to bond out of the Hill County Jail then we can request the judge reduce the bond to a more reasonable level, which might allow your loved one to be released from custody. Learn More

If you would like to speak with Danny Freisner regarding Hill County, Texas criminal charges, he can be contacted directly at (972) 923-1899 or via the contact form.

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